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If you're living in St Louis or anywhere in the surrounding locations, then A&C Piano Tuning has got you covered for all of your piano needs. Whether it's an old piano or brand-new, well-kept or ignored, our trained piano tuners and technicians leave your piano sounding rich, clear, even, and complete.

We are locally owned company with years of experience. We provide piano upkeep, repair and tuning, refinishing, restoration and rebuilding, and piano appraisal, among numerous other services. All our services are of top-notch quality and sufficiently priced.

If you're fascinated to know more about us or the services we use, read ahead.

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    Our Comprehensive Piano Repair and Piano Tuning Services

    Our piano service company has the experience to supply comprehensive piano services that help keep your instrument sounding like new.

    Your piano can run out of tune due to humidity and temperature fluctuations. For that reason, it's essential to arrange your piano tuning a minimum of twice a year. It not only assists to make your piano sound its absolute best also likewise safeguards the investment you made in your piano. At A&C Piano Tuning, our specialists utilize a mix of classic and contemporary strategies to tune your piano. Your consultation will last approximately 1-2 hours, throughout which we'll carry out our standard- tuning session and likewise take care of any additional small issues such as pitch correction or sticky keys without additional charge. So, book your piano tuning appointment with us today and make your piano sing once again with a fresh tuning.

    At A&C Piano Tuning, piano repair work consists of anything from as small as fixing sluggish keys and replacing broken keys or strings to dealing with more comprehensive repair work and total piano upgrading. While the majority of the minor repairs are finished at the comfort of your own home, nevertheless, for more comprehensive repair work, we move the instrument to our workshop. The experts at A&C Piano Tuning can bring back and fix any construct of pianos. They bring passion and experience with them to guarantee you're satisfied with our piano repair work. To understand more about the best piano repair service in the area or to get a cost estimate, contact us today.

    When guests come over, the outside of the piano adds value to your living room and assists to break the ice. Thus the outside of your piano needs your attention just as good as the interior. Over time, the exterior of the piano starts to degrade and lose its shine. Eventually, the piano's cabinet gets harmed, and the cracked paint and scratches soil the surface. Refinishing your piano can provide it back to its showroom look and shine. At A&C Piano Tuning, we use the traditional hand-rubbed lacquer surface method to refinish your piano. This method, although laborious, however the quality of completion result speaks for itself. Our premium work has actually made our services preferred by lots of piano owners. To find out more about our piano refinishing process or any other piano services, call us today!

    A piano is a lovely and treasured instrument. A quality piano is passed down to generations and remains in the family. Rebuilding your piano is a substantial choice. You do not want to handover your valued piano to someone who doesn't have adequate abilities or comprehension to do the task. At A&C Piano Tuning, we do not only have adequate understanding and experience to do the job, we also comprehend your beliefs connected to your piano. There's a lot more to our piano restoration and rebuilding service than simply purchasing the parts and installing them. We spend extra hours to craft the tone and touch that is chosen by you. Maintain your cherished treasure by scheduling our piano restoration and restoring service today!

    If you're considering offering your piano, or interested in buying a used one, or simply curious about just how much your instrument's worth, then book our piano appraisal service today. We provide a ballpark value to the potential buyers and in-home appraisals for resale worth, insurance coverage purposes, and donation worth. We likewise provide a list of the recommended venues for offering your piano and some ideas and techniques on how to make your instrument more marketable. At A&C Piano Tuning, we precisely and expertly appraise your grand piano, upright piano, or any type of piano. Our appraisal service can keep you from selling your instrument for too low a price or overpaying for a brand-new one. We do refrain from doing appraisals over videos or photos; we believe in physical and visual assessment to identify the real condition of the piano. Get in touch today if you want to know more about our piano appraisal service!

    Your piano is essentially made of wood, due to which varying moisture content in the air has an influence on it. High humidity in the summer seasons causes the wood to broaden, whereas low humidity triggers the wood to diminish. The expansion and shrinkage of the wood in your piano affects the tuning stability, performance and touch, and longevity of your piano. At A&C Piano Tuning, we protect your instrument by installing a humidity control system from the Piano Life Saver. It maintains the humidity levels inside your piano in between 40-45%. It is inexpensive, simple to preserve, and features a 5 year parts guarantee. The humidity control system runs quietly in the background and remains covert inside the piano. Therefore better than any humidifiers and dehumidifiers placed outside the piano. Don't wait up and book our service today to get a humidity control system set up inside your instrument.

    A properly maintained piano not just uplifts the state of mind but likewise influences you to make new music. Regularly playing the piano triggers the mechanical parts to diminish, and the hammerheads likewise start to flatten. So your piano needs regular maintenance from expert specialists to preserve its optimum performing condition. At A&C Piano Tuning, we have extremely competent professionals and supply an extensive maintenance service to the locals of St Louis and its surrounding locations. Our piano maintenance service involves a comprehensive cleaning, policy, and voicing, among the other steps. We also utilize the initial parts for any replacements to make sure quality along with dependability. Contact us if you have any piano maintenance concerns or questions about our upkeep service, we 'd be more than pleased to assist.

    Why Choose Our Piano Services?

    We have devoted ourselves to provide the finest level of piano services to our customers. Our services can well satisfy the novice along with the professional players. So consider us for all of your piano needs, you won't be disappointed.

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