Piano Humidity Control System Installation

Greater St Louis Piano Humidity Control System Installation

Humidity control systems keep the correct amount of humidity to protect your piano

Your piano is essentially made of wood, due to which differing moisture levels in the air can be very damaging for it. High humidity in the summers triggers the wood to broaden, whereas low humidity causes the wood to diminish. The growth and shrinking of the wood in your piano impacts the tuning performance, touch and stability, and durability of your piano. At A&C Piano Tuning, we secure your instrument by setting up a humidity control system from the Piano Life Saver.

The most vital step in maintenance and care of the piano is to keep it in an environment where the humidity level and temperature level are consistent at 45% and 75F. While maintaining the temperature level is a simple job, keeping the humidity is not just hard but also extremely undesirable. The Piano Life Saver System, when set up, maintains the humidity levels inside your piano between 40-45%. It consists of the Humidistat, which is positioned close to the soundboard. It monitors the wetness content inside the piano. When the wetness content drops too low, it activates the humidifier. When the moisture content is too high, it triggers the dehumidifier. Thus keeping the humidity level inside your piano. This humidity control system runs calmly in the background and remains tucked inside the piano. Thus much better than any humidifiers and dehumidifiers placed outside the piano.

Piano Life Saver System is among the best ways to guarantee your instrument remains in the top working condition. It is also affordable, simple to keep, and comes with a 5 year parts service warranty. Here at A&C Piano Tuning, we are the specialists in installing this system on any construct of a piano. We are a qualified installer by Dampp Chaser.

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