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A piano is a stunning and treasured instrument. A quality piano is passed down to generations and remains in the family.

Rebuilding your piano is a huge choice. You shouldn't have to trust your beloved piano to anyone that hasn't obtained enough skills or training on the proper way to complete the job. At A&C Piano Tuning, we do not just have enough knowledge and experience to do the task but likewise comprehend your attachment to your piano. There's much more to our piano restoration and rebuilding services than simply purchasing and installing parts.

Soundboard Repair

In the process of our piano restoration and reconstructing service, our very first preference is always to preserve the original soundboard of your piano through our comprehensive repair process. However, if you decide to replace the soundboard, then we swap it with the finest quality soundboard offered. The boards are customized fitted to your piano's case and thoroughly positioned and treated to provide you the very best stability and tone.

Action Rebuilding

There are a thousand moving parts inside the piano's action. Removing and reinstalling them should not be tried by anyone that isn't very knowledgeable with proper techniques. At A&C Piano Tuning, our specialists set up the action parts of your selecting with care and precision. We have the finest and authentic action parts available for you to choose from.

After installation, We regulate the actions and adjust them according to your preferences after the initial installation. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a sharp tone or soft tone, we craft the sounds and touch to your preferences.

The Hardware

All the screws, and other parts of hardware, are thoroughly cleaned. The nickel hardware is re-plated, and the brass hardware is restored. The substantial cast iron plate that is not only aesthetical but likewise a structural foundation of the piano is thoroughly cleaned up, sanded, and its dazzling golden shine is revived.

There are various other steps in our piano restoring and restoration service that can not be discussed here in detail. We do not simply alter the parts; we really restore the pianos.

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