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High-Quality Piano Tuner in the St Louis Area

Your piano adjusts tune naturally due to humidity and temperature level variations

Therefore, it is encouraged to schedule your piano tuning a minimum of two times a year. It not just helps make your piano sound its absolute best but likewise safeguards the financial investment you made in your piano.

Tuning a piano is an art, which is both mechanical and clinical. Each piano is distinct, for that reason one has to be careful while dealing with the tonal depths and characteristics of the piano. At A&C Piano Tuning, our experts use a mix of modern and classic strategies to tune your piano. Our standard-tuning session includes:

Initial Cleaning

Pianos can collect gunk with time. During the piano tuning session, we pull on the strings. So we likewise clean up within the inside of your piano at the exact same time it is being tuned.

Small Repairs

We also take care of any extra small problems such as pitch correction or squeaky pedals or any sticky keys without extra charging you.

Regulation of Pedals

Regulation of piano's "action"- it's within mechanical parts and pedals is an essential action throughout the tuning session. This is done in order to address the results caused by the weather on the woods in your piano.


To make your piano sound at its fullest degree possible, routine tuning is required from professionals like us. Our piano tuning is generally about 5-10% corrective tuning. A pitch correction is required if you have actually fallen even more than 10-15%.

Assessment of the Piano’s Condition

Throughout our session, we thoroughly examine the condition of your piano and recommend you on how you can make your piano look and sound at its finest.

We ensure that our professional piano tuners and service technicians will leave you pleased with our piano tuning service. Nevertheless, if it's not the case, then we'll send our specialists again to address your concerns absolutely free of charge. If your piano has actually been ignored for far too long, then our substantial repair and upkeep services are also readily available for you to schedule.

So, book your piano tuning consultation with us today and make your piano sing once again with a fresh tuning.

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